Sunday, January 11, 2009

I practice Evil

Boy this fall I had a hard time with this one. Evil? No way! I defend, I deflect, I diffuse... but no way am I evil!! (Insert Ernest Borgnine's "Evil!!!" from Mermaid Man in Spongebob. Yes I have kids). To admit I'm evil is to crack the Super Spiritual mask I like to wear (I call it my Pharisee mask).

What is evil? I was just asked that in an interview. Evil is "apart from God". I think of evil being a road directly away from God. So yes, there are degrees of evil and I believe there's a point of no return down that road.

But if the Apostle Paul "practices Evil", then certainly I do. (Rom. 7:19 "I practice the evil I do not want to do.") The key is killing it everyday. Yes, Paul writes in Corithians that he dies daily. Means something resurrects daily. Means that I can't "die to evil" and be done with it. I will actually have to work at this. My lazy nature doesn't like this. Too bad.

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