Friday, January 9, 2009

Funny Moments from the Set Part 1

Okay so on the set of The Imposter... We're shooting the music video portion of the big Act 2 climax song "Chance to Choose in which our movie band Grand_design led by James (played by Jeff Deyo) are singing and playing.

I found this really cool overpass with gravel piles underneath near our base camp. I shot the verse stuff with Deyo on top of the large overpass (on the shoulder area). All that went good. We had two cameras, bunch of people, cars with the hazard lights on. Jeff sings. On the bridge (pardon the pun) of the song, the words are "push me over the edge". And Jeff sings it with gusto. Still no problem.

Then I put the band underneath the underpass, each member on their own pile of gravel. I want a shot where I tilt down from Jeff on top of the overpass to the band underneath. The cameras move down. Jeff is left alone to sing. With gusto.

Five minutes later, we're all now under the overpass setting up for the next shot and the police cars come swooping in. Yeah. Some maniac jumper was on the bridge. Good times.

I will say that Jeff did an absolutely awesome job and I was surprised to learn he doesn't have any concept music videos.

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