Saturday, January 17, 2009

Puppy Luv

Well, it was a life lesson and a hard one for the family when in early December, we lost our beloved Newfoundland, Raleigh. The other day, my eleven year old woke up and shared a dream in which he saw that Raleigh was being taken care of in heaven. When asked what he thought that meant, he responded that it was time to move on.

We have been thinking about Labs or Shepherds. I love Newfoundlands and for the last fifteen years have had one in the household. I do not think there is a better breed than Newfies. However, right now, the giant breeds are a bit much for where we're at as a family. But our kids are growing up. Our last Newfy came as an adoption so he was already an adult. So the kids have never had a puppy.

Until now.

Wimsey is a six week old bundle of yellow puppy joy. He's a lab and is chunkie. I'll post pics soon. I remember Bunter's first night with us, fifteen years ago. He cried all night long and I slept on the floor with my hand int he kennel to comfort him. The kids have their sleeping bags ready. And Wimsey's got some lungs on him. Will be an interesting night.


  1. Wow. What a dog!


  2. I just discovered you from watching the Rising Star movie last night, and knew right off the start there was a Christian influence on the movie, not just from seeing Rebecca's name in the credit. It was wonderful to find it to be true.

    So, I'm reading your blogs from the start, and hopefully in time, we may even work together on a project, God willing.

    Why I picked this post to comment on first, I dunno, but it just struck me funny on the new dog choice; Sticking to a Canadian canine continuity. I'm predicting a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in your future.

    God Bless you and thank you for doing these blogs. I'm looking forward to learning, and I pray this will help me kill myself daily as well. Just getting started. Love it. Thank you- Alex