Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Box Art

Here's our box for the Church Exhibition. We've got two very full DVD discs-- there was no way we could have come close to fitting everything on one. I'll have to decide what to do when we release the home DVD. Won't be able to include as much extras-- but that's okay and to be expected.

For the churches, besides the movie, we've got:
* Trailer
* Music Videos of "Believe (is an Act)", "Empty", and "Carry On Wayward Son"
* Unmasking the Characters with all the lead actors
* The 30 minute MXTV episode on making "The Imposter"
* Several meeting countdowns

I appreciate all the churches that have ordered it so far. If your church hasn't, point them to And the church doesn't have to buy it-- several congregation members have purchased the movie for their church. We are grateful for getting the movie out!

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