Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top Posts

Interesting to see that the most controversial posts are always the most read.  Seems that we are driven to activity by controversy.  Why else would the news even run stories like the kook pastor of fifty in Florida?  Controversy is chum in the water of us sharks.  Even just a small piece can instigate large fights.

With Blogger, you can install different modules.  I can't find one that lists the top posts-- maybe someone knows where one is.  Over time, I've taken note which of these posts are the most read and here are some links:

From Year One:
Anything with Kerry Livgren gets well read (undermining the controversial theory above).  This was when we posted his testimonial which has gotten very watched on YouTube.  Click Here.

First post on "Chicken Love" was the most read for the first half of 2009.  Click Here.

On the technical side, got a lot of feedback on this post about two camera shooting.  Click Here.

The most read from 2009 where the Confessions from the Audition Room.  Part 1 is here, but you can read the rest in June 2009. 

Cheesy Christian Movies has gotten a lot of reads.  Here's the first post about this.  The more recent one two weeks ago has gotten more hits.

From Year Two:
The post for the first six months that got the most hits is the one about phariseeism.  Called "The Two R's."

And then last post about Tolerance generated quite a bit of activity.  Bottom line on Tolerance-- if you "tolerate" sin in fellow Christians, it's because you want your own sin "tolerated."

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