Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rising Stars Update

A year ago, I was beginning the edit of Rising Stars.  Now, we're finally about to see it on the big screen.  Rising Stars has been picked up by Screen Media Ventures and stars Kyle Riabko, Lauren Ashley Carter, Natalie Hall, Leon Thomas III, and Graham Patrick Martin for the kids.

The adults are Fisher Stevens, who just won an Academy Award, Catherine Mary Stewart (remember Last Starfighter?), and Barry Corbin.  We also had the great pleasure of working with Christian recording artist Rebecca St. James who is successfully making the jump into feature films.

This movie is about high school arts finalists-- pitting the top three musical acts and the top three filmmakers against each other for one week of the Finals.  Each musical act is paired with a filmmaker with the quest of making a song and music video to see who will win.

We shot this in August last year at the University of Texas at Arlington.  They were a wonderful host for the shoot.  And thank goodness it wasn't as hot as it was this year.  It was hot enough.  I thought our New York actors were going to die at times.

Screen Media will be releasing the trailer for the movie soon.  The movie will open in late October in a few select cities.  Then if we do well, it will get a wider roll out.  More info on that will follow.

Needless to say, we are very excited about this movie and we hope it does well.


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  2. Great - Hope it shows somewhere in Arkansas or Oklahoma!