Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beware of Lions

Gene Roddenberry had it wrong.  In his vision for the future, man inherently were good.  Sure there were the odd few "evil" people out there, but in the end, the basic goodness of mankind would win the day.  As a philosophy or religion, it's called "humanism."

Man is inherently evil.  That's why Roddenberry fails.  That's why the democratic party fails.  They assume mankind's basic goodness.  Time and time again, it's been proven the rule-- not the exception... that mankind, at his basic core, is selfish and self serving.  He's a lion, looking to feed himself.  Sure there are nice lions, but int he end, a lion will be a lion.

At the core of the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached about is a servant mentality-- being a servant to God, not mankind.  The killing of that internal lion.  The Apostle Paul writes that that lion has to be killed everyday.  For those who call themselves Christians, if you disagree with the above premise that man is inherently evil, I offer Romans 7:19.  Paul writes "I practice the evil I do not want to do."  That's present tense.  And it's coming late int he life of the guy who wrote a lot of the New Testament.

So it's a Lion versus Servant smackdown.  At least for the Disciple.  Those who don't follow and serve Jesus, really don't have that internal conflict.  The fight to kill the lion.  Everyday.

It's a daily choice.  Sometimes minute by minute.  Live for lion.  Or live for the servant.


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