Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Actor Demos

We had a fun time shooting demos a week ago.  Here are some of the scenes.  Also-- several have approached me about doing them again and I might.  You need to contact me and tell me your interested.  Yes it costs $350, which is cheaper than some headshots.  But what we do is high quality, looking like it's ripped from an indie film.  You judge for yourself.  If you'd like to contact me, email

Amber Sutphin is new to dramatic film acting, but does an outstanding job. Sometimes I worry about stage actors making the transition to film. But Amber is aptly coached by Nancy Chartier in Dallas and the combo of the two is dynamic as seen here. Ron Gonzalez always takes pride in his cinematography and does a nice fireplace gag in this shot.

Here's Stephen Arruda.  He's an angry Shepherd.

And Luis Gonzalez did a wonderful death scene.  I'd like to see the rest of the movie.


  1. Great acting by all. I can see either of them in one of the current TV shows being filmed in the area (and not as an extra). Stephen could be my alter-ego of when I wanted to do the same thing to a suspect (but didn't, of course).

  2. what a nice thing to hear Mike ...thanks

  3. Yeah, Mike's a Law Enforcement guy who's been brought in my movies to consult. He was a detective at one point.