Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rising Stars Oct. 22

It's official. We're getting a theatrical release-- albeit a small one. We are very grateful for the chance and hope that fans in these three cities will show up and sell it out. Screen Media, the distributor is using these three cities as a test to see if they'll roll it out bigger.

Here's the link:
For the exclusive trailer direct link:

The three cities are: Tulsa, Nashville and Grand Rapids. They wanted to do mid size markets, more conservative in demographics. It's all very calculated by a big team of people. You'd like the conference calls-- very educational. You've got the viral marketing team, the theater booking person, the radio specialist, the publicist and publicity expert.  Of course Andrew the producer, me and the people at Screen Media.

I hope if you're near or in these cities, you'll pack it out starting October 22.  We really need you.


  1. Im pumped! Im filling the tank, filling the van with freinds and heading to Tulsa! Well, the 22nd of October anyways...
    Very exciting Dan!

  2. Just moved from Tulsa to Nashville... how long will it be in theaters? (by the by, this is Ryan from the January "Greenlight Yourself"/Acting from a Director's POV groups)

  3. Hey Ryan-- I think we're guaranteed one week, maybe two. Pretty funny out of all the cities in America, two of our three are "your" cities. We'll need your help!

  4. As it gets a little closer I'll start sending messages out to friends. I don't know too many people in Nashville yet, but I'll see what I can do.

  5. I haven't had a vacation this year so Tulsa may be it. Let us know if there will be a "Premiere" party on Oct 22 or just the standard showing. Either way, I plan on being there.

  6. Thrilled it's so close to us in Tulsa - hooray!