Friday, September 10, 2010


In light of the Terry Jones stunt (not the Monty Python but the pastor in Florida), it's time, fellow Disciples, to talk about tolerance.  BTW, I don't condone Terry Jones-- Jesus doesn't need a publicity stunt.  Having said that, I just read this on a Christian recording star's website regarding the out of balance Jones:
Jesus was all about tolerance and respect of fellow human beings
 I'm sorry-- what Bible is she reading???  Sure, I can easily go to the Old Testament and point to a God who was all about intolerance when it came to sin. How He caused the ground to swallow them up.  How He brought plagues, war and famine on them.  But, you say, that's "old testament."

God didn't order Joshua to burn their books.  He only ordered Joshua to kill them all-- including the children, kittens, puppies, and the sheep and goats.  Kill them all.  Oh yeah, still old testament.  And you say that God has changed.

Okay, let's go New Testament on you.  Where was Jesus's tolerance for the rich young ruler?  Why didn't He let the dude just come along?  Why did He require clearly too much from the poor rich young ruler?

How tolerant was God on Ananias and Sapphira for simply lying?  Yeah, they dropped dead.  Where's the love?  Where's the tolerance?  Where's the respect?  Oh but Jesus "was all about respect..."  So that's why he called the gentile woman a "dog?"  He didn't respect the pharisees.  Paul talks in I Cor 5 about throwing out people from the church.  Where's the respect?  The love?  The tolerance?

There's a new religion that's been founded.  It's the Religion of Tolerance.  It's hip.  It's cool.  But it ain't God or Jesus.

So the question here, Ms. Recording Star, is why you so quickly discount the character of God?  Why espouse such inaccuracies?  Is it because you want and desire tolerance in your own life for your sins?  You don't want to be held accountable for your selfish, narcissistic choices that have left a path of destruction in your life?  I would add that it harms and damages the one's you love... but for the Narcissist, there's only one you love.   I know, because I've seen you at the Narcissists Anonymous meetings.  But you didn't stay for your pin.

You give a pass to others because really you're giving a pass to yourself?  I know I do.

Ahh, no wonder you're the new poster child for "Tolerance."


  1. You definitely don't hear enough about this aspect of God these days.

  2. This is the bible she was reading:

    Matthew 5:38-42
    Matthew 6:14-16
    Matthew 18:21-22
    Luke 6:27-31, 37
    Colossians 3:13

  3. Nobilis,

    Perhaps he was reacting to the notion that Jesus was "all about" tolerance and respect. He tended to show intolerance and disrespect to Jewish leaders that opposed God.

    So while we should exercise forgiveness and love as Jesus did in his day, we should also maintain an awareness of our own sins and the sins of our brothers and sisters and not forget that it is that sin which separates us from God. We should not tolerate sin.

  4. I find your post interesting. I agree that God isn't all about tolerance and respect. To some degree for us as humans this is something that is earned, along with trust. What I do find odd is this statement you make:
    These are some substantial assumptions and while I do not know the recording star you are talking about, you still can't know these things to be true without walking in their shoes (so to speak).
    Jesus may have been intolerant of the Pharisees and the money changers in the Temple, but from what I have been taught since childhood is that he came to redeem the world of its sins by his death and Resurrection. This to me, is the ultimate sign of Divine compassion, tolerance and love. We don't have to be tolerant of everything we experience, but we don't have to pass judgment on it either.

  5. @Scott-- well put. David, I personally know this "star" and I've witnessed her substance abuse and listened as she proudly told stories of her infidelities. These are not "assumptions."

    Paul writes in I Cor 5 that in fact we are to judge those who claim to be Believers. If she didn't claim to be a Christian, then it wouldn't matter.

  6. Hi everyone... bottom line point: When I give someone a "pass" for their sin, I"m really giving myself a "pass."

    As a Disciple of Jesus, it is not okay to continue to walk in the flesh (Rom 8).

    So using that principle, it's clear that the Star is giving herself a pass when she talks about tolerance. And btw-- I do too, and so do you.

  7. Thank you, Daniel, for continuing to post God's Truth, for showing us things you've learned, for serving where you are...thank you.

    -S. Davis

  8. Goodness!! The truth. I have to say that I didn't know how to a finger on it, but all the interfaith forums that are supposed to bring all the different "religions" together to be peaceful. Some of the strife will always be there because it's spiritual warfare, but the world cannot see that for what it's been called by the Lord.

    I thank you for saying that, that God is intolerant. He is love and He is intolerant of defilement of truth. I just made a post about this. I am against what that "reverend" was pulling. Last thing we need is Iran to drop a bomb on us for burning the Qu'ran, and we should love others as God loves us. But God doesn't change. True true true.