Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Writers--

Yes, I know I run a film production company (Serendipitous Films).  But suddenly, I've popped up on yours and a lot of your friends radars.  I don't know why all of a sudden.  But please, I've got four or five of my own scripts I'm working on getting into production.  I'm sure yours is great, but I'm not really geared to turn towards working on yours.  Some things you have to do yourself (which is what I recommend-- you want your movie produced-- go do it yourself!  For help, Greenlight Yourself is a good source.)

So, I know you have to send out query after query, but I'm not going to have time right now to even read the email, let alone the synopsis.  Even if I did have time I generally don't read scripts (unless you're hiring me to critique) because of our litigious environment.  You know what I mean-- you send your script out to me... I happen to have an idea similar or something similar that I'm working on, and I make mine.  Then you see it and file a suit.  It's why nobody takes unsolicited scripts anymore.

And one word on critiques-- I don't really do them as a favor anymore.  Friends or acquaintances would ask, and I would give the standard-- nine out of ten people ask me but really are wanting my affirmation, not critique.  And inevitably, every single one responds with a yes, I want critique!  I had one Christian filmmaker scorch me after I gave her constructive feedback.

So now, I will gladly give you a critique, but I will charge.  The whole point is to make the work better-- it won't get any better if all I do is tell you ow great it is.

Carry forth my dear writer friend!  But save the electrons in sending me queries.

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  1. Yeah... frustrating. We get a LOT of screenplay ideas/synopsis from people who apparently never look on our company website and see we have five feature scripts a short and a TV series written an in various stages of pre-production. I don't need any more scripts, got plenty of my own.