Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Journey Begins

Last night we had an orientation meeting for the Band of Christian Brothers (and Sisters).  For the men, one guy asked if this was like a program he went to-- an intense five day time of accountability, discipleship and such.  I have no idea if it's like what we do.

But one thing I was thinking about today-- I don't know how a five day program can do much.  We're back to the most often quoted line in The Imposter-- God's more interested in me going through a process than zapping me with spiritual morphine.  I would love to be done with jealousy or anger, or laziness in a five day intense program.  But you see, these things are often deep rooted, at least that's my experience.  It takes time.

The ruts for sinful behavior are deep and well worn.  To get that wagon wheel out of them will take a long, hard process.  You pop them out in some emotion-driven meeting, and as soon as the real world rears it's ugly head, the wagon wheel has fallen back into those familiar ruts.

The BOCB is a six month commitment, with a meeting every week.  I know personally, through this type of discipleship, I can work on staying out of the rut-- change my thought process so that I don't fall back into the rut as often or not at all.

Sure, I'd love to "pray and leave this problem at the foot of the cross" as one guy said to me, but that's usually not the reality I see.  Paul had to deal with his flesh until he died.  I'm sure Peter still kept sticking his foot in his mouth in his later years.

Or as one BOCB leader put it last night, coming to Jesus is not the end, it's the beginning of a journey.

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