Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fast Times

Things are very busy at the moment.  I am going full throttle-up on finding funding now for "72".  We have a celebrity attached (I'll announce that when it's official) and I'm talking to distributors already.  My hope is to shoot in late October, but I have some ways to go on the funding.

In the meantime, I've gotten a couple of commercial clients and I'm always grateful for that.  So I've been doing some long editing sessions and a lot of green screen work lately.  BTW, for you FCP people, Ron Gonzalez told me to check out dvgarage for the chroma keyer and he's right-- it works great.

I've also finish the "Greenlight Yourself" DVD and that took some long hours to edit.  Finished is over three hours and we covered it heavily with b-roll and graphics to accentuate the points.

Then I've got an acting seminar on Saturday and an audition workshop on Sunday.

Going throttle-up for fund raising on a movie takes a lot of time.  Business plans need to be crafted.  Phone calls to prospects.  Meetings with prospects.  Script polishing.  Talent searching.  And the hardest part is not knowing yet that it's a "go."  This limbo state is one of the hardest times of the filmmaking process.

So here we go.

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