Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ownership Issues

A real man "owns it."  That means he doesn't throw others under the bus to escape judgment or blame.  He takes responsibility and when things go awry, he looks and pursues ways to make it right.

A man that owns it doesn't have a long "honey-do" list, because the person who makes the list, owns it.  So a real man makes the lists (sure, he builds it based on what his wife needs). 

You see, I find myself getting into trouble when I start trying to do things because I'm seeking my wife's approval.  It has taken me a long time (and is still taking me) to realize I need to seek approval from a much higher source (and I don't mean Obama.)  It's a sure sign my ego's in play when I find myself doing things to get by from my wife.  That's not owning it.

I had two similar issues happen on a movie set once-- a big mistake happened by person A and then Person B did something similar.  Person A is eligible for re-hire.  She realized the mistake and owned it.  She dedicated herself to making it as right as she could.  Person B moaned and said I must hate her now.  And that if she was Japanese I'd probably require hari-kari.  And then she did nothing to make the mistake right.  Person B is not eligible for re-hire.

You see, a person who doesn't own it is destined to continue making the same mistake.  I remember this as I work around the house.  I'm not doing these things to please my wife, although certainly I hope that's one of the outcomes.  I do these things because it's the right thing to do before God... to be a steward of what He's given me.

I forget this too often.  It's time for me to own it.


  1. As a wife and mother, I can't tell you the number of times I've had a member of the family tell me they're doing a chore "for me," as if I'm the only person who benefits from clean laundry or washed dishes. I commend you for your maturity.

  2. Good stuff. Hard to live by somedays though heh. I believe the "church" starts at the family level, and here is where it is usually the most difficult to love others and die to ones self. And yet is probably the most neglected.
    Great place to practice loving the Lord your God with all your heart mind and strength and others as yourself.
    Your post is very encouraging!