Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Apple of My Eye

Dear Bill Gates and Michael Dell,
I appreciate the low prices.  I really like all the software.  But I have to tell you, I don't like the open architecture that comes with the plethora of software.  Because it's buggy.  And full of viruses from people that shouldn't be allowed to continue existence.

You see, if I wanted to have a sure thing at success, I would create a virus protection company.  And unbeknown to the public at large, I'm sure there would be an executive at my company who would create viruses for surefire job security.  Really MacAfee?  Really Mr. Norton?

I like Jobs.  He thinks differently.  Sometimes he's too crazy.  But it's really hard to inflict a virus on a Mac.  And Macs are cool.  But Macs are expensive.  If it wasn't for that one thing, I would have convinced my friends to buy Apples.

Of course I'm writing this blog on my Dell laptop.  It was tops when I bought it several years ago.  But now the memory's full and the software OS is buggy.  And it's almost time to replace it.  So yes.  I'm coming to you Mr. Jobs.  Goodbye Gates.

I already have a Mac at the office, running my FCP system.  But the PC's are being phased out.  This laptop is the last bastion.  I am concerned about all the programs I use here... like Dreamweaver.  And QuickBooks Pro.  I don't want to buy software I already have.  It's what swung the balance back when I bought this Dell laptop.  Almost went Mac at that point.


  1. MacMini/iMac at home + iPad + (Dropbox, LogMeIn, Goodreader) = cheaper than a MBP. RECOMMEND.

    whatever you get, though, you'll be happy with it. i was a PC guy for a LOOONG time, but i'm sold now. tired of "fixing/tweaking/customizing" computers. i need to get work done.

  2. About to get my Mac out of the shop ... only one problem with it after several years of non-stop, intense use. Mac support, though not overnight, was efficient and helpful. My last Mac lasted almost ten years before it had problems.

    My dad has been so impressed by how well my machine has worked compared to his Dell, that he is about to make the switch. He says all the time and money he's lost keeping his machine running is way more than he would have had to pay if he had gotten a Mac to begin with.

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