Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Director to Actor

I get asked to speak here and there and to teach what I've learned in the movie business.  A year ago, with the experience of "Rising Stars," I talked to some local actors.  Why do producers bring in a lot of NYC and LA actors into North Texas to shoot movies?

Well, the Texan in me rises up and says that's not right!  But then I see the facts-- I've done it.  Why do directors and producers seek out experienced out of town actors?

I'm not even going to the "name factor."  Yes, us producers and directors need name recognition in our cast.  Nothing you local actors can do about that.

Instead of immediately going to a thought pattern that they're biased, consider some factors.  Experienced actors hit their marks more than inexperienced actors.  Experienced actors need fewer takes.  Experienced actors have more tools in their acting toolbox to pull from.  But if you're a local actor, you can get training.  And you can find experience.

So as I thought about what to say to local actors, I looked around.  There are TONS of seminars and workshops, but almost all of them are Actors to Actors.  I couldn't really find anything from a working Director to Actors.  Sitting on the set of Rising Stars, I remember talking to a NYC actor about how the auditions went from my side of the table.  She talked about her side.  It was really interesting.  And even more interesting was that few actors knew what we thought and talked about on the other side of that audition table.

So I decided to teach a seminar on Acting from the Director's point of view.  And, like last year, I'm teaming that up with an Audition Workshop where you'll get in depth and personal on what goes on on the other side of that table.

If you just want the seminar, it's Saturday August 21 for three and a half hours.  Pick the morning or the afternoon.  It's only $29. 

If you want the Audition Workshop, it's $150 for the all day Sunday event, but you also get to attend one of the Saturday's seminars-- just let me know if you're coming in the morning or the afternoon.

To register, click here ( I'm going to limit the Workshop, so as soon as the slots are full, I'm going to close it up.

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