Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Movies

I don't remember if it's a video game or just a recurring nightmare.  You know the one-- you get things stirred up, then you have to keep stirring as hard as you can so that the momentum doesn't die.  

Paperwork is created.  Script is passed the second draft.  We've just attached first name actor.  We're talking to another.  And we've got multiple possible funding sources.  Now to keep the momentum going.  And there's a different energy this time-- with my last movie about to get a theatrical release (albeit a small one).  Can this turn into an easier time funding?  I've always wanted to get to that point.

My goal right now is to raise money for a two picture deal.  The first is a very faith-based "72."  And it's going to be a less expensive-- easier shoot.  We'll do it in three weeks probably in late October if I can get the momentum going.  The second movie is a family film called "Game of Integrity" and it really needs to be shot only in the spring.  (And a lot of this movie is day exteriors).

72 is the story about a group of guys going through the ultimate gut-check weekend.  Sorry actresses-- this one just doesn't have that many women roles.  It should be a lot of fun to shoot.

Game of Integrity, like Rising Stars, centers around high school age kids.

So stir up the pot and let's see if we can get the momentum going!

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