Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kerry Livgren's Testimonial

We've had several people ask to see this video posted. I have been including it in the extras, but here it is. Kerry's story is an amazing one. Here is an individual who was looking for rock n roll success, and trying to find a deeper purpose at the same time. He got the rock n roll success, but that ate away even more.

I don't remember if I included this in the edit here (and I'm too tired to check it right now), but another interesting thing about Kansas-- the band had no problem with Kerry chasing Buddhism, eastern mysticism, even Urantia... but when Kerry became born again, then some problems started. The name of Jesus has incredible power. It makes people flinch to say Jesus. You can say Buddha. You can say Mohammed. But to say Jesus separates and divides people.

Thanks, Kerry, for taking time to talk with me that day on the set.

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