Saturday, February 7, 2009

What's the deal with "Churches Only?"

The biggest question we get from the website is "when is the home DVD going to be released?" Well, first we are making the movie available to churches for public exhibition. Why? Well, this gives us a chance to have a theatrical "window", a movie industry term for the slot of time for a movie to be in theaters (or in our case, churches).

We are getting more and more orders and lots of screenings coming up. Today in Kansas, the Wheatheads (hardcore fans of the band "Kansas") are having a showing. Then in a few weeks, Kerry Livgren's home church is renting out the local theater and having a big shindig-- several screenings of the movie... talk with Kerry... sermon around it. That will be Topeka.

Churches in Florida, Virginia, Washington State, Utah, Kansas, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia have purchased the exhibition license. Want to help with our "theatrical" rollout? We need you. Bring the movie to your city. Ask your church to put on a movie night. Or rent the local theater. I appreciate everyone's support so far!

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