Sunday, February 22, 2009

When is the DVD going to be out???

The number one question-- I get it several times a day (hey Jeff-- we might want to put something just above the contact form telling them the answer to this). "Hey, sounds like a great movie, where/when can I buy it?"

The answer is this-- later in 2009. Maybe late summer or early fall. Maybe. For now, churches can buy it for public exhibition. Consider this, the theatrical window for the movie.

So if you're dying to see the movie, see if your church will get it. We've also had people buy the movie for their church as an offering or gift. That's cool. BTW, I also had someone ask if we had scholarships-- she's in Kentucky and works with troubled teens. I get requests like this-- if you'd be interested in "sponsoring" or gifting a copy for a ministry in need, please contact me.

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