Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spinning Discs

Well, we are officially pushing forward on the soundtrack for "The Imposter." I hope to have the product in hand within six weeks at the latest, maybe earlier. Here's a peek at the songs we're thinking of including:
* Carry On Wayward Son (Kevin Max singing to Kerry Livgren's new arrangement)
* Four songs from Kevin's "The Imposter" (Imposter, Imposter's Song, Sanctuary, Your Beautiful Mind)
* Four downhere songs (my favorite band, songs include The More, A Better Way, Break My Heart, My Last Amen)
* Local star Meredith Mauldin's "Empty" which has been a surprise hit of the movie
* Our movie originals Believe (is an Act) sung by Kevin, and Chance to Choose sung by Jeff Deyo
* Two Kerry Livgren songs (On the Air, No More Time For Love)
* and a couple of choice score cues by Josh Goode.

We will probably put a real huge pre-sale discount up in the next few days. Hope you enjoy!

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