Monday, June 28, 2010

The Victim Drama

I've been a victim.  You've been a victim.  I've victimized, as well as you.  Everyone in the world is a victim at some point.  Except for one person in history.  You couldn't make Him a victim.  They tried.  Pilate said he had the power.  Jesus responded that he didn't because He willingly laid down His life.  Of all the people, Jesus could have worn the victim merit badge.  He earned it.

But oddly He didn't.  Jesus was never a victim.    Even when He was victimized.  It looks like being a "victim" is a choice.  And it's a choice of the flesh.

Now before a few haul off and slug me, let me clarify-- I'm not talking about the innocent child, the utterly helpless.  I'm talking about you reading this now.  You have been victimized somehow, someway.  But whether you choose to be a victim is up to you.

"Victim" becomes an identity-- a mask you wear to make yourself feel better.  Or to manipulate those around you.  Or to get your way.  Or to get back.  Often times, the victim becomes the victimizer.  This whole "victim" thing is not from God.  It's not His Purpose for your life.  Or mine.

I've found an area recently in which I've been extremely vindictive.  When I reconcile my behavior to God, this is an area lacking.  I need to conform my mind to the things above.  Playing the victim and victimizing is now part of that.

If you're caught up in this horrible circular drama of victim/victimizer, you can make it stop.  Remember Jesus said you can't take my life because I willing give it.  Forgive.  Live for the Purpose He created you for.  And when you catch yourself falling back into the victim rut, pull yourself mentally out.  Take captive those thoughts.

I'm going to stop being the victim.  Hope you stop too.

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