Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top Five Reasons to Make a Christian Film

Here are the top reasons why Christian Filmmakers decide to make a movie:

5. I can do it soooo much better than what I've seen out there.
I know I'm certainly not immune to this. I think it's inherent in the artist/storyteller-- it's called "jealousy." It's also why the worst audience for your Christian film is other Christian filmmakers. Of course, the following goes with the qualifier that I've never met one of these (especially in the mirror), but Newbie Filmmakers (NF) burn inside when a peer experiences some level of success. So I've heard. The NF is trying so hard to succeed, that it's hard to enjoy the success of others. Or maybe it's because there's a whole lot of Narcissism in this business. Nawwwww.

4. It's Fun! With a capital "F." Which also stands for faith, fellowship, and football. Because nothings more important than those three. I know it is for us guys. We can sit around and talk, but it'd be best if it was about the Cowboys. Preferably with the tv going. (This really happened at a home group one time. Women went somewhere and talked. Guys watched the game.) Isn't the Purpose to enjoy life, live for the moment, clothe the homeless, kiss bunnies, feed marshmellows to unicorns? It's really the trifecta when you can combine all those "F" words into one Christian movie.

3. It's a Living. I can't believe I didn't spit up all over the keyboard laughing when I wrote that.

2. The Christian Filmmaker is the new Rock Star, and boy the attention is awesome! You get web articles written about you. Radio, tv. It's great to be a celebrity! Yeah, good thing there's no narcissism there.

1. Called. And I write that one word with trepidation. Because many people are hearing phantom ring tones, claiming it's heaven on the line with the script that will win the world (for Him of course). And "calling" isn't a free pass to skip training and education. "But God called me, so therefore he's bitten me, like that spider in Spiderman, so now I can climb walls and use that spidey-sense to make that awesome tool for His glory! Amen." Let's look at some real examples of actual "Callings." Jesus called the twelve. They lived harshly and died hard and painful. Paul was called with an audible voice. He was stoned twice (and I'm not talking weed) and left for dead. Eventually, he had his head cut off.

Calling means it's not for the money, the fame, the fortune. It's to be obedient. And to obey, you actually have to hear Him. Few really do you know.


  1. Can I chooses 1,2,3 and 4?
    5 is a bit unfortunate - Christian Films tend to fall into some kind of bucket of their own; why I do not know. It is the bucket where everything if judged differently. And so people look at the films and say "you know what, I can do better than that"
    Personally I'ld like to see more Christian Films taken more seriously by producers. Hence better budgets, casting etc

  2. For the budgets to increase, there will have to be bigger sales. Which I think will happen. As I've been saying, I think Christian film will follow the steps of Christian music... the good and the bad.