Monday, June 21, 2010


Been on vacation, but back as of last night.  A long time ago, I wrote a blog about DTM-- Do The Math.  This is the principle where I actually figure out the answer to the question I have.  Now if I don't have a question, then certainly, there won't be an answer.

In other words, DTM is like 4+3.  Many times I just want to be told "7."  Actually, more accurate is all the time.  Part of my laziness.  What do you mean I have to figure this out?  Why not just tell me the answer!  Then I'll be fixed.

Which of course speaks to the opening VO (voice over) of "The Imposter."  God's more interested in me going through the process than zapping me with spiritual morphine.  But the process is work.  It's sometimes hard.  It's sometimes painful.  I have to daily commit myself to going through the process.  Which is Discipleship (root word there is discipline).

You see, sometimes I fall into the rut of letting others do the heavy lifting.  Need a word from God?  Well, maybe its in the sermon this Sunday.  Or a good teaching book.  Or my spouse.  Heaven forbid I actually dive into the Bible and study it myself, applying what I read to what I'm going through.

And going back to the first paragraph, if you don't have a question, there won't be an answer.  What "process" are you going through this morning?  What is God working on in you?  What is He birthing in you?  If the answer is "nothing," or even worse "I dunno," then you might be spiritually dead.  Time to get resurrected this morning.

What am I going through?  Well, for one, I didn't realize how lazy I still am when it comes to DTM.  So now I'm digging in, working out the process.  As I read today in John, Jesus said to Peter at the end "Follow Me."  I think in the word "follow" comes the DTM process.

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