Friday, June 11, 2010

This Months Most Popular

Oddly enough, I almost deleted this post.  I thought it might get me into trouble.  I talked about pharisee-ism and how that's defined.  I believe, that at times, I am a pharisee.  And if you are confessing to be a Christian, I believe at times you are too.  If you're not confessing to be a Believer, then don't worry.  You have to be a card carrying member to be a pharisee.

I had made the picture a year ago and showed it only to a couple of trusted friends.  I thought I'd never get away with posting it.  Maybe that's why this blog entry is popular-- all the people in the pews are outraged, sending the link, saying "can you believe this guy?"

Anyway, so here's the link to this month's most poplar "The Two R's":

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