Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Supporting Christian Movies

Much is made of the lack of quality in Christian movies.  This blog won't be about that.  Instead, let's talk about the lack in secular movies and television.  Maybe not a lack of production value, but certainly a lack in something that makes it far more insidious.

The old addage or anecdote-- if you want to cook a frog, don't drop him into the boiling water-- instead put him in tepid water and bring the pot slowly up to a boil.  This certainly applies today in our culture.  Our media unarguably has determined our societies moral thermometer in the last few decades.  Through mantra's like "not that there's nothing wrong with it" concerning homosexuality, even the elect are being deceived.   And this is just one issue.

I really enjoy comedies on television.  More and more, I'm having to turn them off.  Brilliant writing.  Awesome production value.  And a deceptive tactic that is evil and degenerate. 

Yes-- many Christian movies are cheesy and poorly done.  But some are pretty good.  If you want to see the quality improve... we need your help.  You need to go and buy the DVD's or the movie tickets.  Start a library.  Give them as gifts.  Don't copy them.  We need your help.

Find the movies that resonate with where you are and support them.  Talk about them.  Write about them.  Word of mouth is still the strongest method of marketing available.  Please help.

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