Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spend A Day With Jesus!

I heard a sermon last Sunday that had a very interesting concept:  What would you do if you actually had to spend the day with Jesus.  How would your life change?  What activities would you do differently?  Now I've heard sermons like this all my life, but for some reason, this time some things struck me.

  • The Obvious-- You'd put on your best clothes, shower, shave, style your hair.  Because then you can fool Him-- he'll never know what you look like on the inside.
  • What if you didn't recognize Him because he didn't have an effeminate face, or had cut his hair or beard?
  • What if He never holds a little lamb?
  • As you walk with Him through the countryside, the birds will sing, the flowers will bloom, and the unicorns will poop rainbows.  Actually, for those of this halcyon mindset, be ready for Him to put your expectations on end.  (And of course, there's probably some of you that were just offended because in the same sentence I talked about Jesus, I used the word "poop.")
  • Would you wake him up if he slept past 8:00?  I mean, He is the Son of God, but the work day is the work day.  Wakey, wakey!  Now this seems silly on the outside (because you know He'd never sleep past 8), but I got a feeling that if you'd spent the day with Jesus, there'd be a lot of things He'd say or do that would be contradict your expectations.
  • Would you tell Him we can't go see the Matrix cuz it's "R" rated?
  • Would you laugh and joke with Jesus, especially if He told a joke about pooping Unicorns?  Afterall, God created unicorns didn't He?

The conclusion here is this: First, I hope that I will act like I do now.  Why put on any masks or masquerades?  He knows who I am.  Secondly, our expectations will be turned upside down in some cases.  Especially the Pharisee side of me.

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