Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Month of June

Last day of June.  The most popular blog entry this month was "Telling Stories."  Jesus, my Master, was also the master storyteller.  He used stories to illustrate points.

Some people make movies to entertain.  I think just about every movie contains a message-- something the filmmaker is communicating tot he audience.  It might be that the main point is to entertain, but many film storytellers are primarily sending a message that also happens to be entertainment.

Yes, movies are entertainment and part of the entertainment industry.  But the are stories.  Some in Hollywood say there are no messages, but clearly that point of view is inaccurate.  Aaron Sorkin has something to say in every television drama he writes.  Even the flippant Larry David and Seinfeld had a message, though they took pride in it being a show about nothing.  That in itself is saying something.  And they said a lot more-- like homosexuality is okay ('not that there's anything wrong with it.")

So, my filmmaking friends, don't' deceive yourselves into thinking that you really aren't pushing an agenda or sending a message, because you are.  It's the essence of story-- you are communicate something.

It's not just entertainment.


  1. Hello Daniel, wanted to express my appreciation for such open thoughts and transparency in your continued journey as a faith oriented filmmaker. I saw "a filmmaker's journal" recently in the latest 'Indie Slate' while killing time at an Atlanta-based transfer house .. amazed someone with your talent was willing to share real ups and downs with no pretense. Really appreciated your thoughts on THE weak link for us all, development (fundraising) and distribution. If "Greenlight Yourself" ever comes to Atlanta or you are looking for someone to help network here, I'm in ...

  2. Thanks David! Check out the new Greenlight DVD we just finished at . I'd love to come to Georgia.