Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Government Motors

Maybe I'm misreading the whole thing, but I just don't think I can buy GM. I heard an ad on the radio driving in this morning for new GM cars. Yes, the CEO of GM was probably corrupt, but does the president have the right to fire him?

Yes he does in a socialistic state. And I know that's a hot topic right now. Personally, I don't want to live in a socialist state. I prefer a sparse government. Socialism nurtures and grows "entitlement" which we discussed in an earlier blog.

And as I look around me, I see lots of my fellow church people getting up in arms politically and going Hannady on someone's posterior. Here's the twist in today's blog-- though I personally prefer a democratic government, God's not a democratic God. I think if you look at what he set up in the Old Testament, he's definitely a dictator (though a benevolent one). You might even call it a monarchy, but decidedly not democratic.

A little controversial this morning, but it's cold and rainy. Seems fitting to stir the air up a bit. And buy Ford.

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