Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Proper Follow Through

In golf (once upon a time, I used to play... a lot...), a proper follow through is critical to hitting the ball correctly to maximize the clubhead speed, thus the distance. Also, correct follow through will give you the right clubhead path, enabling spin, thus you can "draw" the ball (where it starts to go slightly left for the right hand player). Drawing is top spin which gives you more distance than the fade.

Anyway, this post is not about golf. It's about the word "disciple." I've written about the word before. It's the most common word to describe followers of Jesus in the New Testament (as opposed to "Christian" which is only used 3 times).

So how do I define "disciple?" Well, obviously the word comes from the root "discipline." But I want to make it even simpler. Let's define the word "disciple" by saying "follow through." A Disciple is someone who follows through.

A Disciple reads the scripture, then follows through. A Disciple reads about loving his wife, and he follows through. A Disciple sees that character gain will be painful and difficult, but he takes one step at a time and follows through. His child needs a firm hand? He follows through. He needs to walk in integrity on the job? He follows through.

If all the people who called themselves "Christians" actually followed through what the scriptures say, this world would be a totally different place. No doubt.

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