Friday, December 4, 2009

How I Got Started

I'm spending today preparing for the "Greenlight Yourself" filmmaking seminar tomorrow. Combing through all sorts of old business plans, stripboards, budgets and so forth. I'm going to create a workbook which I hope will help the attendees.

This is how I got started. I attended film festivals back when I was working for a corporate video company. I remember learning a ton at my first SXSW fest. I sat in on ever panel and workshop I could. I found out what a Producer's Rep was, what the term "P&A" meant, listened to distributors from New Line and Miramax.

Then, I attended a film workshop taught by Micahel Weise. This was huge for me and extremely practical. I learned how to make a decent Business Plan (the central tool in fundraising) and how to pitch and present.

So I'm tailoring this seminar to give filmmakers a chance at getting their dream made and up on the screen. If you'd like to come, there's still room, but you would need to register today. Go to .

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