Monday, December 21, 2009

Culture War

Here are the attacks, obstacles and hindrances that this American (and Church) culture throws at someone wishing to be a Disciple of Jesus:

* The goal is to be lazy- -work hard so that you can goof off.
* It's cute for men to be child-like. Go ahead-- be your wife's oldest child.
* It's all about sex.
* It's all about numbers.
* It's all about number one-- me. In church, He did it all for me (the Narcissists Gospel).
* Go ahead, compare yourself to other "christians" around you. All you have to do is be better than most of them (and that won't be hard).
* Actually, competing and comparing will lead to you winning the rat race and become Number One (when you win the rat race, you become number one rat).
* Come as you are and stay as you are. So what if you've got a favorite sin, c'mon in. We're inclusive (i.e. we need the numbers/want the money). Maybe you'll deal with your fav sin down the road, maybe not. (If this is true, reconcile this with Jesus asking for the one thing the rich young ruler lacked).
* Success is defined by numbers (what about faithfulness?).

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