Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feeling Loopy

We are in the Post Phase of filmmaking on Rising Stars. Omar, our colorist is doing a fantastic job with the footage making it come alive with excellent production value. Music has been cooking. I love some of our new cues (which include remixes of a couple of the performance songs).

One thing that happens at this time is "ADR" or additional dialogue recording, also known as "looping." Practically every movie has looping-- this is where the actor comes into the sound studio and re-records their voice while watching their picture. In ye olden days, they'd take the film, make a print that would loop in the projector and the actor would watch and do it over and over again.

Today, everything's digitized. Pro Tools will display the Quicktime and they even have some programs that will have a "follow the bouncing ball" trick so that the actor can stay on cue. We usually do one sentence at a time or even part of the sentence, get it a few times then move on.

It takes a lot of skill to be able to loop. And a lot of actors, understandably so, hate looping. You've got some heavy dramatic scene, and now you have to match the magic of the moment and recreate it in this sterile, artificial environment of the sound studio? Tough stuff.

I did shoot some scenes around and in some pretty noisy environments, so we knew that we'd be looping some. Regardless, it will be good to see all the actors again.


  1. Rising Stars was awesome to be a part of! I can't wait until it is out! I am sure all your hard work will pay off!!

  2. Lauren Ashleyb CarterDecember 15, 2009 at 11:42 AM

    It helps to be patient and to be surrounded by equally patient people:)
    I had a great time working last week.