Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Planning the Business

Last week, I covered briefly the second hardest part of filmmaking-- fundraising. Want to know the most important tool in this endeavor?

The Business Plan.

At the seminar on Saturday, we are going to go through this very important document, step by step. At the time I raised money for my first movie, I got my hands on a couple of different film business plans, and they were courier, one paragraph filling a page-- very difficult to read.

I went to a seminar that said it needs to be colorful and easier to read. I went this route. We work in a visual field, we can make visually stunning tools.

If you'd like to know more about the movie Business Plan, there's still time to register for the seminar at (or click here). I'm going to give you detailed, hands-on information.

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  1. In some respect, doing filmmaking and running a business follow the same gameplan in order to be successful. Funding and capital are two of the many things that tie the two. In order to secure funding, the film should be interesting enough, while the proposed business should be profitable.