Monday, December 21, 2009

The Finish Line

In making a movie, there are several faux finish lines-- the wrap at the end of shooting, the locking of the edit, and event he one we're approaching now, the final picture.

We are busy recording ADR of the actors, working on the opening titles and the few CGI shots, the coloring of the picture, the music and so forth. In a few weeks, this will be completed and it brought back together in one form to be "the movie."

But that still isn't the end. It may feel like it. In fact, all these "finish lines" feel like the real thing which is why filmmakers, especially first timers, lose heart and steam as they progress through these false finish lines. C'mon already, it's done with. Only to find, there's more mountain to climb (sorry, mixing metaphors again).

When the picture is ready, screeners will be made for potential distributors. We might even do private screenings for distributors. Anyway, when a distributor has been decided on, then the final finish line stretch begins. It's called "deliverables" and I'll maybe write about that in the near future. But the short of it is the paper and elements delivery of the movie to the distributor. It's a tough grueling stretch that many filmmakers stumble on.

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