Monday, November 30, 2009

Most Frequently Asked Question

How do you make a movie?

I have people ask me to lunch. Come up after a meeting. Grab me after church. Email me. Facebook me. Even call me.

How do you make a movie?

I now have five of these mountain climbing summits in my pocket. I've had some rough journeys, some joys, some thrills, and some harrowing escapes. Each person asking comes from a unique position-- maybe you know absolutely nothing about making a movie and need direction on square one (I remember that moment for me, sitting in my first seminar, hearing the term "PNA" and making a note to find out what that was-- which was actually "P AND A" and referred to prints and advertising.)

Maybe you've been doing some shorts and want to make the leap to a feature. Or you work as a grip or production assistant and want to do it yourself. Now or even some day.

This seminar on Saturday is for you. Click here to register.

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