Sunday, November 29, 2009

Job One

I saw a post on a Christian Film site that reminded me of the way I used to feel. My job is soooo important to the Kingdom of God. To be able to reach all the thousands, yea millions with the gospel through movies. I mean, c'mon, God needs me to be on top of my game. He needs me to have a break out film. He needs me to succeed.

This is part (small part) of what I'm starting to call the "Narcissists Gospel." It's all about me (and God). But really me. He did it all for me. He does everything for me.

But the Truth is, he can make a sunset that can reach the hearts of people far more effectively than my story through film.

You see, God's not waiting for me to come through with this awesome, society-changing movie. What He is waiting for, is for me to be a servant... to be faithful to what He's asking me to do, be it cleaning toilets or whatever.

I believe that we (I know that I have) place far too much importance on music and film in our Christian society-- treating it like it's the most important job in the Kingdom. "I'm a Worship Leader, there's no higher calling." "Well I'm a Christian recording artist, so there."

Here's a revelation-- it doesn't matter what your job, or livelihood is. What matters is obedience and faithfulness.

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