Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wife's Oldest Child Syndrome

To all the men out there, good morning. As you may or may not be aware of (and some of you are aware and proud of it), there is a syndrome hitting our society like a rapid pack of swine with the flu. It's called the Wife's Oldest Child Syndrome (WOC syndrome).

This disease destroys testosterone in spite of the fact that many men believe it enhances their maleness. But that's one of the side effects with WOC. Men think it's cute. Some women might play along, but I have little doubt they're wishing for some kind of quick answer to the WOC syndrome. And it's just not there.

What is WOC? It's where the husband acts like his wife's oldest child. And if you think you're immune, then you probably have it bad. That's another side effect. You see, every male has it, including me. There have been WOC moments for me just this past week. Even in the last 24 hours.

I no longer think it's cute, clever, or what men are supposed to be like. Instead, I choose to kill the WOC syndrome whenever I identify it in my own life. A life of Purpose does not have time for stupid anti-responsibility games like WOC.

It's time to man-up, for real, and start owning responsibility. Just say no to WOC syndrome.

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