Monday, November 16, 2009

Reality vs Truth

Heard a sermon on Reality versus Truth. The two words are in no way synonymous. But before I go on, it's good to get a foundation.

In the video world, we have to tell our camera what color white is as a reference. If we adjust the color of a video, say make it warmer, and I comrpess the DVD and it goes out very orange, it could be my monitor I was coloring on was out of adjustment.

That's where the scopes come in-- we calibrate the monitor to know, mathematically, what the true color is.

Same way with Truth. For those who you who are not followers of Jesus, Truth can be a moving target... Maybe it's environmentalism. Or humanism.

For me, the calibration for Truth, the 0,0, the baseline, is the Bible. In Christianese, we call it "The Word." Jesus said "I am the way, the TRUTH..." In John, Jesus is called "the Word that became flesh."

With the Word as dead reckoning, I have a Truth that is eternal and unmoveable. Truth that is NOT based on past feeling, experience, emotions or knowledge.

For instance, if I've grown up out in the sticks and all I have had is black lab dogs, then my reality might be that all dogs are black. It's what my experience dictates.

But my reality is not the Truth. The Truth is so much more than my knowledge or experience.

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