Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fair is a Place in Dallas

My kid was doing a unit in school where the teacher was asking the class what are some sayings they hear at home. "Penny saved is a penny earned." "No use crying over split milk." "Don't make me come back there." Well hopefully not that last one.

My kid said "Fair is a place in Dallas." You see, in our household, we don't allow the word "fair" to be used as a credit card for entitlement. So when they used to say "that's not fair," we tell them that fair (park) is a place in Dallas.

Why is "fair" a dirty word? Well, first of all in the grand scheme of everything, what's fair is that I die. When I start throwing around fair, what I'm saying is that I'm entitled to something, and what am I really entitled to?

Politically speaking, in the government of the USA, I do have entitlements spelled out in the constitution. When I say I'm a disciple of Jesus, then I'm giving up my entitlements. I'm saying I'm His servant, his slave. Whatever He chooses to give me or have me do, is totally up to Him. And to live that philosophy out in every compartment of my life-- now there's the trick.

So if I got what was "fair," I wouldn't like it. And neither would you.

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