Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Status Update-- The Imposter

We have been working hard on getting the Imposter out there to churches. Right now, that's the only way to see the movie. We're talking to several distributors (having turned down a couple as well, not wanting to necessarily just feed the beast in Hollywood). Our home DVD will come out in early 2010 and we already have the awesome soundtrack ready to go.

Churches have been using the movie as an outreach and some as a fundraiser, including selling the CD's at the event. It is our hope and prayer that the movie can be a great storytelling tool for the church. I hope that masks can come off and people will choose to be true Disciples of Jesus.

You can help us out by asking your church to get the movie. We need this wonderful story to get out there. For the trailer and lots of other videos, you can go to the website.

Also, big shout out to the Assembly of God for posting a nice article about us. You can read it here.

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