Saturday, October 31, 2009


On Thursday night, November 12, I'm going to have a writing seminar for three hours in the evening. I'm going to cover some things beyond the normal "how to find an agent." I remember trying to write screenplays in the 90's... I'd get twenty pages in and stop. Then I'd start another script.

I had eight of those. I bought all the standard books... Syd Fields, Robert McKee.. I even bought a "write your screenplay in a year" workbook. That lasted two weeks.

What finally worked for me? Moving forward without looking back. I'd write the twenty pages and then pause-- re-reading them and getting so discouraged. Now I know that writing is in the re-writing. This works well if I've exhaustively outlined. I'm not recommending that you plow forward without much thought yet to the story or it's structure.

So now I've written twelve screenplays-- five of which have now been produced. I feel I'm improving with each one. Always need to be learning and growing, getting better. If I take the attitude I've arrived, then I become unteachable.

These are just some of the things we'll talk about. Click here if you want to come.

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