Friday, October 30, 2009

Sin-- A definition

This post is for my Christian friends. If you aren't a follower of Jesus, then the Bible isn't a standard that you claim to measure your life by-- and that's your choice. But for those that do, here we go.

My mentor, Dr. Mike Riggins defines sin this way:
"Meeting a *real* need in a *wrong* way.

Drinking too much... maybe you're trying to medicate a real pain, but using the wrong medicine. Porn problem-- maybe you have a real need for intimacy that you're going about filling it wrongly. Or the Workaholic who feels of low value unless he's getting accolades at the office. Those "attaboys" might relieve the eating, nagging issue of self doubt for a moment... but it's barely a quick fix.

And the list can go on. I have needs... and sometimes the right way to meet those needs can be a hard long, uphill road, offering many quick turnoffs, that might look good, but in the end they take me back down the hill.

Take the narrow path, because the wide is the one that leads to destruction.

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