Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's On-- Acting: A Director's POV

We went official yesterday and put up a registration website (click here).

Here's the details:
Why-- Because I would like to help local talent land more roles in films.
How-- We'll focus on what this director looks for and possibly what other directors look for.
What-- A Seminar on Saturday ($40), then a Workshop on Sunday (limited to 12) for $150. To make it clear, you can come to the Seminar and not the workshop (it would be $40 online). You can come to the Workshop, which the $150 includes the Seminar on Saturday. So the $150 is a two day price.
Where-- TBD, but in the Dallas Fort Worth area. If this does well, we'll take it to other cities.
When-- October 24-25.

If you're a seasoned actor or if you're wanting to get started, it's for you. In the day and a half since we posted, the Workshop is almost sold out, so if you want to do that, you might hurry over to .

See you there!

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