Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

I am amazed in some consumer marketplaces, that loyalty is gone. For instance, in the tv/cable service world, it pays to stay a long, loyal customer-- pays them, the service provider. One day I saw a heck of a deal offered by my dish company for new customers. I called and it took a long time and several call centers to get a similar offer.

Now, I don't even think that will work. It pays to switch services. Here are some of the industries that reward new customers while hoping the old ones stay on the books long enough and hope they don't pay attention:
cell phone
utility provider (at least in Texas)
credit cards

I'm sure there are others... But what if Direct TV actually hired an executive that worked on real customer retention programs? Or any of the other big corporations?

I'm just saying...

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