Sunday, October 4, 2009

Acting: A Director's POV - Getting Closer

As I've jumped into answering all the questions actors (especially local talent) have been asking, I've decided to move forward with a Seminar and a Workshop. And I'm going to do it fairly quickly.

So for all you actors in the North Texas area (or if you want to travel), I'm going to have a Seminar on Saturday October 24 and a Workshop on Sunday October 25. Someone suggested I work with a handful of actors, thus the Workshop idea. And another person asked about seeing some editing, so I'll include that for the Workshop. We'll limit the workshop to 12 so that we can really dive in.

Another suggestion was to pre-send a script and give the workshoppers a role. So based on who signs up, I'll send some scripts out and I'll pick a scene to shoot. On Sunday, we'll shoot the scene and then let the actors see a little editing. Later, I'll send them high resolution Quicktimes they can use for review or for demo.

For the Seminar on Saturday, it will be much wider and predominately a lecture format with Q&A scheduled. We will cover questions about how to get in to acting, how to land more work, how to be a better actor, how to give yourself a better chance at auditions and many others, all told from this director's point of view.

I'm going to try and get some sponsors so I'm not positive on the location yet. Probably won't provide lunch on Saturday, but probably will on Sunday's smaller workshop. The Workshop is more expensive than the Seminar. But I do want the twelve that sign up for the workshop to attend the seminar-- that way we won't have to cover certain things on Sunday and can get right to it. Seminar will be $40 pre-registration ($50 at the door) and the Workshop will be $150.

If I get a lot of demand for the Workshop, I might add the Monday for another group of 12. And we'll see how this goes. Maybe we can do it again later on.

I really believe that the local talent can be competitive with LA and NYC. I'd like to share some things with the talent base here in and around Texas that will give them an edge. I hope you'll want to attend.

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