Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Seminar

A few people have asked about the Seminar versus the Workshop. First, to clarify, if someone takes the Sunday workshop, it includes the Saturday seminar for the same price. So if you sign up for the Workshop for $150, it includes both days.

If you want to just attend the seminar, it's $40 online and $50 at the door. And we've announced the location:

Serendipitous Films
6125 Airport Freeway, Suite 102
Fort Worth, TX

It's at the front of the Studios 121 facility.

The Seminar will differ greatly from the Workshop. I am going to cover a bunch of topics for the seminar-- we might watch some video, see some powerpoint and go through the whole process for acting in a feature film. The Workshop will be all about the audition. The workshoppers will get an original script this week to prepare their audition with.

And again-- this seminar/workshop differs from a lot of the others because it's all coming from a feature film director's POV.

Register at .

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  1. Do you ever do workshops or seminars for children in your films? We had a great time on Rising Stars even as extras. Would LOVE to work with you again!!!