Saturday, October 3, 2009

H1N1 is still a swine

I find it humorous that you hear increasingly less about the "swine flu." Instead, it's known by the clinical nomenclature "H1N1." From what I've read, the pork industry has taken an undeserved beating, and the media is trying to help.

You don't catch the swine flu from eating bacon. The swine flu is passed through droplets after an infected person (not a pig), coughs or sneezes. But I think the "Droplet Flu" just doesn't have the same punch. Besides, that would be every flu.

Back in the worldwide flu pandemic of 1918, it was called the "Spanish Flu," mainly because the US didn't want people to know it originated with our servicemen who spread the disease going overseas for World War 1. Spanish Flu kept most people in the dark to the true origination.

Now that the panic of the spring has died down, the disease has actually spread more rapidly. But after the over-reaction of the spring, most people don't fear it as much.

I went to the pediatrician's office yesterday with my little girl who presented with a fever and a cough. The nurse was haggard and shook her head and talked about the record number of patients the four doctors at the practice had seen that day. I was just amazed we got in.

My daughter tested positive for H1N1 and we immediately took action-- not out of panic, but because it's the right thing to do. Regardless, the quicker she can get on something like tamiflu, early on in the infection, the lesser the flu will hit her. And we've done enough homework on the issue and know that tamiflu isn't a cure-- it merely helps lessen the symptoms. H1N1 is a virus and will run it's course.

Anyone can call it over reaction, but we went ahead and separated her from the family. I set up the master bedroom, told her it would be like camping, or a hotel and to grab clothes, books, toys and such. I'm the only one with contact to her and yes, I wear an N95 mask as a precaution. I don't care if I catch the flu, but I don't want to spread it to the rest of my family.

Her fever is low and she seems fine but for the cough and sneezing. I'm hoping for a quick time of it.

Romans 8:28 reminds us followers of Jesus that "all things work together for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose." I know there's purpose here. At the least we've gotten to learn how to handle a pandemic at the family level.

In the meantime, we'll hunker down and pass the sanitizer.

Here's a helpful link for homecare of someone with the flu: click here

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