Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, I've got two potential new scripts to write, so I'm in the cud chewing mood. This is where I research and just think about different ideas.

One idea is a Christian movie followup to the Imposter (but not a sequel). It would be totally different and be relatively easy to shoot. But it's requiring some heavy research into the life of Jesus.

What I find hard to fathom, is that there are people who make a life, or a book around questions and issues like this:
* Was Jesus crucified on Friday, or was it really Wednesday?
* Was Jesus born on 2 BC or 5 or even 6BC? (You see, Herod died in 4 BC, and Jesus had to have been born before his death).
* Did you know that on AD 30 and AD 33, the 14th of Nisan (Feast of Unleavened Bread for the Jewish), were both on Fridays? NASA confirmed it.

Anyway, let the research continue...

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