Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Exactly is "Rising Stars?"

"Rising Stars" (RS) is the title of my latest movie to write and direct. It is being produced by Andrew va den Houten and William Miller out of New York City. The Production Company is Doberman Entertainment, a new family films brand. Many of the same crew that helped out on "The Imposter" will be working this show. It is scheduled to shoot starting August 11 through August 30 in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

RS is the journey of some talented teens as they learn some lessons in the entertainment world. A national talent contest, "Rising Stars" is the brainchild of uberagent MO. He selects the top three musical acts and the top three teen filmmakers, partners them up and pits them against each other to see who can create the best song and the best music video. Winners gets fame and fortune. Losers enter adult life wondering what could have been.

The kids learn that the pressures grownups have heaped on them, have caused them to be "little adults" for a long time-- they've never been allowed to just "play." So in the end, they learn to play, to the angst and anger of Mo.

It's a different "talent show" kind of movie-- focusing not only on the talent of the kids involved, but on an important issue hitting our society. Children that don't learn to play grow into dysfunctional adults with dysfunctional families.

Most of the paid crew has been filled. We are looking for some volunteers, or college students looking for intern credit late this summer. If interested, contact me. We will be starting local casting right away. Please contact your DFW agent for submissions.


  1. Dear Daniel,
    I just read your blog and have looked up Rising Stars on IMDB. I am extremely interested in working on Rising Stars! I emailed Jeff Rogers a few days ago but did not hear anything. If you could and I know you are extremely busy but I would love to know if you are completely crewed. I recently completed script supervising a feature in La. but would also be willing to work in set design, wardrobe...
    thanks and I hope to hear from you,
    ( or

  2. Daniel,

    Thank you so much for letting Gracie and Adam come out to UTA and be a part of Rising Stars! They had a blast! We hope we will be able to work with you again in the future!

    Sarah Whitton